Habitat for Humanity builds first 3-D printed home in Tempe

Habitat for Humanity has unveiled their first 3-D printed house in the country right here in Arizona.

The home is still under construction in Tempe, but parts of the 3-D walls are up. 

A concrete mix that also contains polymers and other materials is put into place by a massive robotic arm, one layer at a time to create the walls.

Officials say this innovation could have a big impact on the housing market in regards to affordability and efficiency to build.

"We've got the first 3-D printed house in the United States that a family is going to live in, that is fully approved by municipality, the electrical and plumbing are all in the walls, which is up to American standards," said Paul Mooney with JD Construction. "But even beyond that…it's just going to be absolutely stunning. It's going to be the most stunning 3-D printed house in the world."

When it's done, the home will have three bedrooms, two bathrooms and more than 1,600 square feet of living space.

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