Jackpocket: App that allows people to order lottery tickets on the phone is now available for Arizonans

There is now a new app that allows Arizonans to order lottery tickets from the comfort of their home.

"We're really excited to be celebrating the launch of Jackpocket in Arizona," said Jackpocket CEO Peter Sullivan.

Sullivan says the app is basically like Uber Eats, but for the lottery. The app allows a person to play all state lottery drawings that are available.

"What we'll do is we'll actually work with Circle K to fulfill that ticket. We'll get you a digital copy of that ticket. You'll get to see the front and back of that ticket, and we'll alert you if you've won."

Sullivan says if a person wins, the money is put directly into their account.

Jackpocket is free to download, but there is a transaction fee.

"We charge 9% when you add funds to your account. So basically, the ticket price is exactly the same. You're just getting a fee when you add money to your account, and that's because we're also getting charged with a transaction fee from the bank or credit card company," said Sullivan.

Some Arizonans say the app is worth downloading.

"It's convenient, definitely," said Alondra Gonzalez. "I think it just depends if you want to use your card or not, or if you want to use cash to buy it."

"I feel like that it's safer than having to go in the store and buy a lottery ticket," said Danielle Plummer.

"It's times-changing, life-changing, and if it's going to give you money. I'm all for it," said German Salcedo.

Others, however, aren't completely sold on ordering a lottery ticket on an app.

"It would be interesting, though, for sure. I'm not 100% convinced on it, but it could definitely be something I do," said Brad Hipsley.

Jackpocket is currently available in 15 states, and company officials hope to expand to five more states in 2023.



Please gamble responsibly.

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