Body pulled from Mesa lake identified

Police have identified a body that was found floating in a lake Tuesday in Mesa.

Officers responded on Feb. 7 to the lake near Dobson and Baseline Roads. A man told officers that he was working on the golf course when he noticed clothes and a cane next to the lake. When he looked into the water, he saw a person.

The man then went to get his boss and when they got back to the lake, they saw the person floating face down.

Firefighters responded to the scene and pulled the body out of the water.

"An officer on the scene noticed that the person matched the description of a female, Palma Whatcott, who was reported missing the day before," police said.

Whatcott, 71, had reportedly wandered from her brother's apartment and was found on the golf course before being returned home.

"Her brother told officers that Whatcott was suffering from dementia and had just moved in with him a week ago," police said.

Officer's [sic] went to Whatcott's brother's home, where they saw a photograph of Whatcott and confirmed she was found in the lake.

"Today, It appears that Whatcott was able to open the back gate of her brothers [sic] residence and gain access to the golf course and the water," police said.

Police say the investigation is ongoing, but there is no indication of foul play. 

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