Michigan family left scrambling after Phoenix hospital takes back offer to take in teen on life support

It's been an emotional roller coaster for a family, with a mother is still holding onto hope as her 14-year-old son remains on life support.

The family is in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but a Phoenix hospital stepped up to offer assistance. Now, the family says the offer has been taken back, leaving them back at square one, with just hours before the hospital takes him off life support.

"We needed a miracle, and we got one," said Bobby Reyes' mother, Sara Jones.

Sarah Jones

Bobby had a severe asthma attack two weeks ago, and was declared brain dead by CS Mott Children's Hospital. The Reyes family had until Friday at noon to find a new hospital for his care, or bobby would be taken off life support.

Jones said On Wednesday, Sarah said Allegiant Hospital in Phoenix agreed to take Bobby on. Jones said the hospital backed out with no explanation on Thursday.

"Me and my lawyer looked at each other in complete shock, because you went from saying you'll accept my son, you looked at his records you'll take him as he is, if he needs a [tracheotomy], you'll do it in Arizona, and now today you're not taking him," said Jones.

Bobby Reyes in hospital

The hospital in Ann Arbor told FOX 10 sister station FOX 2 Detroit there that they are following Michigan law when it comes to brain death, and exhaust every option to critically ill patients. Jones said her son is improving.

"We just want time for my son to wake up, and we went from being so happy yesterday knowing that they accepted him, and then today they told us at noon tomorrow they will pull the plug on my son," said Jones.

FOX 10 has reached out to Allegiant Healthcare multiple times, but didn't hear back. Jones said they went to court to try and get a six-day extension before her son bobby is taken off life support.