MLB fans enjoy this year's first weekend of Cactus League spring training

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Spring training is in full swing as it rounded out its second day of games with two fan favorites hitting the field – the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Chicago Cubs at Sloan Park.

Cue the flights coming in from Chicago landing just in time to catch a game on the first weekend of spring training.

Lexie Zrelak says she and Christian Hassenger went to many games at Wrigley Field last year and wanted to see the team again before the regular season starts.

"His flight was delayed, so I picked him up, and we came straight here," she said. "We went to a lot of games at Wrigley last summer."

Families from the Valley, however, are thankful to have baseball in their backyards.

"It's so special for us to be able to enjoy the nice weather and have some family time," says Thu Huynh. "It's really fantastic."

With the Cubs and Diamondbacks both stepped up to the plate on Saturday, there was a game for everyone.

"I think it's the best that we get to come whenever we want now. We have half the MLB here, right? We're very, very lucky that we get to do this," says Rachelle and Chris Hayes.

For some fans, this is the first time they've been able to experience Cactus League games.

"I've never been to a spring training game, because when I was about to get my first taste of the pie, COVID happened, and it was 2020," Justin Pierce, a Cubs fan said.

In 2020, spring training and the fan festivities that go along with it, ceased.

"I always say there's never a bad day at the ballpark," baseball fan Peggy Gilmore said.

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