Monsoon causes trees to crash down on north Phoenix apartment units

It was a scary night for many in a north Phoenix apartment complex when trees came crashing down Friday night during a monsoon.

Doug Resh lives in the apartments and says, "I just heard a loud bang."

One of the trees completely uprooted and fell on parked cars. Another fell on top of someone's apartment.

"My girlfriend ran up the side and up there to see if everybody was OK," he said, and fortunately, neighbors say no one lives in that upper unit.

The tree that fell onto the unit was directly over a water line and now neighbors say they expect to be without water for a couple of days.

Those who live on the lower level of the unit are concerned for their own safety.

"The balcony is about to collapse," Deann Roeick said, adding, "I don't know if there is damage from the roof coming down that will go into our apartment or not. We were told it was not safe to go into our apartment."

Yet, she, her husband, and their grandkids have no choice but to sleep there Saturday night. On the second night of heavy rain, they are just hoping for the best.

"That's the thing, I don't have any choice. We don't have extra money just to go grab a hotel room and stuff like that. We don't know what else to do," Roeick said.

The Phoenix area is expecting rain Saturday night as a storm moves across the state, but it's not expected to be as strong as Friday's storm.

Friday's storm sparked a rare ground stop of all flights to and from Sky Harbor International Airport Friday night for an hour.

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