Music lessons reportedly benefit students in and out of classroom

It might be a good investment to sign your kids up for music classes or music lessons.

Whether they are tickling the ivories this summer, drawing the sweet notes from a violin or maybe a little edgier choice.

Whatever the instrument, whatever the genre, studies show that students who take up music do better in school and retain better if they keep up lessons during Summer months.

"It's really helpful that they can focus...manage their scheduling better. If they have too much time on their hands, it's not a good thing," said Artha Jackson, a music teacher.

Nina MClendon has been taking piano lessons for six months, and wanted to learn a specific song because her dad's a Marine.

She says it does help her in school.

"I guess it's like reading the notes as you start reading in books, it helps you read the books faster," said MClendon.

The owner of San Marcos Music Academy in Chandler says now more than ever, private lessons are a good investment.

"With schools and budget cuts to the music programs, the kids aren't getting the education that they used to get in the schools," said Bobby Domings, with San Marco Music Academy.

Logan Acosta, a straight A student in school, plays the drums in his school's jazz band.

He came up with another upside of his music lessons and playing the drums--it's therapeutic.

"I get to--sometimes children have anger, so you take out your anger on the drums," said Acosta.