New app connects off-duty firefighters with people to complete tasks

PEORIA, Ariz. (FOX 10) - If you need a few small jobs done around the house, there's an app for that.

Kristy Koening needed a handyman to help with getting a few tasks done, so she used Hidrent, and the free app connected her with a qualified off-duty firefighter within her area.

"You're able to pick things that you don't necessarily know who to call and at least you're thinking, 'OK, these are firefighters. They go into all kinds of homes and places, so I should be able to trust them coming into my house,'" she said. "I actually set the price and put it out there and he accepted so that was really nice."

Harquahala firefighter George Denny says when he's not on the clock, he gets on the app and helps as many people in the community as he can.

"It's worth it to me because I'm able to serve my community in another capacity, outside of their emergencies they would call 911 for... to be able to do that is extremely gratifying and rewarding," he said.

Today, George is installing a security screen door to the garage.

"Within probably 24-to-48 hours, I received a response from George saying, 'I'm happy to help you, when are you available?'" Koening said. "From there, we communicated and then he came out to help and it was really great."

A task Kristy was happy to log onto the app and request for help.