Phoenix Police, MCAO working to stop street racing in its tracks

Street racing - loud, dangerous and illegal - has become a problem in the West Valley, and Phoenix Police's Drag Racing Task Force, along with the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, are working to stop racers.

Video of street racing have been recorded and seen by others. Sometimes, it looks like harmless fun, but illegal street racing in Phoenix was suspected in at least one fatality over the summer, and has been a point of emphasis for Phoenix Police and their Street Racing Task Force

"If the behavior isn’t changed and there isn’t a resolution with the individuals involved, it ultimately becomes a felony, which can impact their lives for a very long time," said Sgt. Joseph Mills.

Tougher penalties for street racing recently went into effect. Now, multiple offenses can be considered a felony Diego Guerrero, a 20-year-old street racer, spent 10 days in jail thanks to four street racing arrests, and it could get worse.

"There will also be an 80-day deferred jail term that will be hung over his head to make sure he complies with probation," said a judge.

Maricopa County Attorney Prosecutor Courtney Sullivan says they hope the changes are sending a message.

"This is not a sport," said Sullivan. "It’s an illegal activity, and you’ll be held accountable."

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