Phoenix's light rail extension project halfway done, officials say

Two years have passed since the South Central Extension/Downtown Hub light rail project began, and city officials are now saying that the work is halfway done.

"We just achieved that milestone," said Luis Mota, light rail project manager. "We're working our way to get out of the ground. Most of the underground work is about 90% complete. 

"With that, you'll start to see things like the track work [and] some of the system, despite all the work and coordinating with traffic - we're on the right track," Mota continued.

The extension will connect south Phoenix to the regional light rail system, which operates from downtown Phoenix to Baseline Road.

The project will also include a downtown hub, eight new stations with public art, repaved streets and new landscaping.

Construction crews have already put in a total of 1.5 million hours of work to install nearly 13 miles of new waterline and 5,000 feet of track - which may be a cause for headaches for Valley drivers, but it won't be much longer. 

Although it won't be ready for the Super Bowl, everything should be done by 2024.

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