Project Roots AZ: 'Spaces of Opportunity' volunteers help communities to grow

In south Phoenix, community gardens are creating spaces of opportunity to connect, learn, and grow.

"It's connecting to the root of things. That's what Project Roots is. It's connecting to the Earth, connecting to one another," said Frances Xavier Parson, gardening manager of Project Roots. "We want to educate the community and teach people how to grow their own food and know that they can do it anywhere."

Parsons says these community gardens provide a healthier and more sustainable way of living and eating for urban areas by teaching families how to become their own farmers and grow their own food.

"It's great to get the children to start it first because when they do it here, they're going to bring it home and have the adults start to get into it," Parsons said.

But to make it through the summer's heat, the Valley non-profit needs volunteers.

"Some people to help and come out with seeding, help put some seeds in the ground, do some watering," Parson said. "We do watering on Sundays. We also need help with some weeding."

Project Roots

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