Residents showing thanks to firefighters battling the Telegraph Fire

Residents in the Globe and Miami area have been through a lot, as the Telegraph Fire has burned along the city limits.

As crews continue to battle the fire, many families have been evacuated, which can be really hard on children. Imagine being told to leave your home at the age of three, four or five and not knowing if you’ll see it again. You’d be pretty thankful if it was saved, but how do you show that appreciation at such a young age?

"Hello fire department. I just want to say how much you mean to me," said Larry Bickel, an information officer for the Telegraph Fire, as he read a piece of mail he received. "Without you guys we would not be able to get the fires out."

The fire is still tearing through the terrain south of Globe and Miami, but only a handful of buildings have been lost, thanks to the work of rerouting the massive blaze.

Bickel says Telegraph Fire fighters have received over 1,000 crayon-drawn notes saying thanks.

"We're here for the people, and to be able to get this back from them, that's what it’s all about," said Bickel.

The crews have heard those thanks. Posters line the walls and fences, sometimes gripped by friendly hands. Other times, the thanks come in a glass.

"We made lemonade because it's too hot," said Adilynn Hicklin.

"We felt happy because they need some lemonade, because they’ve been in a hot fire," Abi Williams.

Bickel, meanwhile, says he still can't believe the kindness. He says they’ve been putting the notes they receive in the lunch bags for firefighters.

"Isn't it something to be out on that mountain today, in that heat, busting your butt and you see this, and you start crying," said Bickel.

Bickel also said they have received a lot of monetary donations from families. He said they put all of that money toward the Salvation Army and local homeless shelters, saying if people are in a giving mood, that's where their money should go.

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