Scottsdale dog shelter at capacity after recent round of monsoon storms

A Scottsdale dog shelter is at capacity after more dogs were brought in to their facility after recent monsoon storms, and the rescue is hoping that the public can help.

Someone dropped off a mom and her two puppies - as well as a husky - to the Desert Tails Shelter after the last bout of severe rain. This came after the nonprofit had just taken in 17 dogs from another shelter that needed extra care and attention.

"We just had four dogs that were recently dumped during the most recent storm that we had Monday evening," said Adama Pfaff, director of Desert Tails Shelter. "One of them was a mother and some day-old puppies -- they were left in a dog bed with just some rabbit food."

Adama and her team are making sure the dogs are cared for and safe.

"We just try to…get them medically ready and get the homes," Adama said.

The team at Desert Tails has lovingly named the new mother Stormy and the husky Thunder.

They hope to find them all homes once they're medically cleared and ready for adoption.

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