Scottsdale parents, children and teachers ask for district to reopen only when safe

A long line of Scottsdale educators, parents and students marched, by car, on July 22 to raise community support and awareness for those who want school to return during the COVID-19 pandemic but only when it's safe.

“We are hoping to raise community awareness and support around the idea of going back when it’s safe," said Becky Williams, a Scottsdale Unified teacher.

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Cars drove by with messages on their cars, like, “Remote learning won’t kill us but COVID can" and “Return 2 school when it’s safe."

The teachers are on a mission saying they are not ready to go back to the classroom until they know it can be done the right way “I would like specific metrics. I don’t think a date provides certainty. Teachers are not the only ones," Williams said.

Parents also showed their support for their children's educators and the children themselves.

“My daughter is scared to death, she is having to choose in-person or online," says Elena Tomlinson, a parent.

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Teachers say they understand the importance of in-person learning and their connections with their students.

“We are educators. We are going to find a way. We monitor and adjust lesson plans constantly, we will make virtual learning work for our students," Williams said.

This was not the only motor march on July 22. There were others throughout the Valley.

Gov. Doug Ducey will be holding a press conference on July 23 likely revealing more plans for schools.

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