Some Arizona employers say it's hard to hire workers these days

The hustle and bustle in Chase Herrick's pizza business, Stumpy's Pizza, is back, but Herrick now finds himself with an unexpected problem.

"For all the years we've had to worry about getting customers through the doors, now we need to get employees in the doors," said Herrick.

Herrick is not alone in his dilemma to find workers to hire.

"Look out on the street, all these guys have hiring signs like it's a garage sale. It's crazy,"

Herrick pays $15 an hour, but says with added Federal unemployment money and stimulus checks, would-be workers are scarce.

"A lot of them got $6,000, $8,000 $10,000 from the stimulus, and hustling a job isn’t a top priority right now," said Herrick.

State Rep. David Cook says if people do the math, they see another challenge: a penalty for finding part-time work while on employment

"Today, the way the law is, I would be penalized for making more than $30 a week, which is just crazy," said State Rep. Cook, a Republican who represents the state's Legislative District 8.

State Rep. Cook is sponsoring a bill that would allow Arizona employees to earn more before they are penalized with a cut in unemployment benefits. The bill making its way through the Arizona State Legislature

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