Suspect shot, killed by officers following domestic-violence incident in Peoria, police say

Police say a suspect was killed after being shot by two police officers following a domestic-violence incident in Peoria.

According to police, the shooting happened during the late-night hours of March 6 near 91st Avenue and Deer Valley Road when officers responded to reports of a domestic violence incident where a man and woman were screaming.

"When officers arrived, the male subject got into his vehicle and drove off at a high rate of speed. Officers on scene determined that the male had damaged items in the home and was engaged in an argument with the female," the department said.

An officer who was on an unrelated call saw the man driving the car, thought he may have been impaired and tried to stop him. However, the man drove up on the curve and continued on. He soon got a flat tire and police were able to stop him.

"The suspect got out of the vehicle and started yelling at the officers that he had a gun, didn’t want to live and that they were going to have to shoot him or he was going to shoot himself. The suspect was uncooperative and did not obey commands. At one point the suspect reached into the vehicle and emerged from the vehicle in a manner that led officers to believe that he was armed and that is when the officer involved shooting occurred," the department said.

After attempting to save his life after being shot, he ultimately died at the scene. He's identified as 33-year-old Jerry Lott from Peoria.

"Officers involved in this incident were wearing body worn cameras, and they were activated. This investigation was turned over to detectives from the Buckeye Police Department as part of the West Valley Investigative Response Team," the department said.

No further information has been made available

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