New graphic bodycam video released of Phoenix police shooting

Phoenix Police shot a suspect and detained another after an incident in north Phoenix on Aug. 1.

The shooting happened near Bell Road and 35th Avenue when officers responded to reports of two people walking, one of them reportedly waving a gun.

When officers arrived, Sgt. Brian Bower says one of the suspects began running toward the patrol car as officers got out. The passenger officer in the patrol car saw what was happening and shot the suspect.

Newly released body camera video showed the suspect running and the officer shooting him in response.

The man could be heard screaming as officers moved in to arrest him.

"Let me see your f— hands up!" an officer was heard saying.

"Right after the shooting, officers were able to provide medical treatment to the individual," Sgt. Bower said.

The suspect who was shot is still in the hospital for treatment. The other was detained at the scene and police say he also had a gun on him.

No names were released.

Full Aug. 1 press conference

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Map of where the shooting happened: