Teen shot at Phoenix Wendy's and desalination for Arizona: some of our top stories from this week

From a shooting at a Wendy's in Phoenix that left a 16-year-old worker shot in the head to a volcanic eruption near a Pacific island nation that triggered tsunami advisories on the West Coast, here are some of our top stories from this past week.

1. Shooting at Phoenix Wendy's: Suspect arrested after teenage fast-food worker was shot in head

(Courtesy: Brian Durham Sr.)

A teenage worker was hurt after being shot in the head following a dispute with a customer at a Wendy's fast food restaurant in Phoenix.

The victim, identified as 16-year-old Brian Durham Jr., was shot in the head on Jan. 13, following the argument over the lack of barbecue sauce. The victim's father said Durham Jr. was never involved in the argument.

The suspect has been identified by police as 27-year-old Theotis Polk.

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2. Arizona CEO's answer to 'Great Resignation' is offering $5K bonuses for new hires to quit


(From Archive)

An Arizona CEO is offering a $5,000 bonus for new hires to quit after just two weeks into their new jobs as part of a unique approach to staff retention as a "great resignation" sweeps the American workforce.

"With today's market, hiring teams have to move quickly to assess candidates and get them through the process to a competitive offer, so it's impossible to be right 100% of the time," Trainual CEO Chris Ronzio recently said. "The offer to quit allows the dust to settle from a speedy process and let the new team member throw a red flag if they're feeling anything but excited."

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3. Trump speaks at 'Save America' rally in Florence

(From Archive)

Former President Trump returned to Arizona as the keynote speaker at a rally in Florence on Jan. 15, where he was drumming up support for Arizona Republicans running for office.

The event was the first rally of the year for Trump, and the first time he has spoken at a rally since October. Even a year after he left the White House, he's expected to play a big part in the midterm elections this fall.

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4. What you should know about desalination, proposed by Gov. Doug Ducey as a solution to Arizona's water crisis

Employees work at a water desalination plant. The plant is an interconnected system of 2,500 reverse osmosis pressure vessels that reportedly will have the capacity to filter 50 million gallons of sea water per day. (Photo by Don Bartletti/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

(Photo by Don Bartletti/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

During his final state of the state address on Jan. 10, Governor Doug Ducey proposed setting aside $1 billion to bring desalinated water to Arizona, but what is desalination, and what are some of the challenges associated with this method of getting water?

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5. 'I will shoot up the school': Surprise Police arrest teen accused of posting threats to social media

West Point Elementary School

(From Archive)

Police in Surprise arrested a teenage student for allegedly making threats against a school on social media.

Officials say the suspect, identified as a 14-year-old student of West Point Elementary School, was arrested  "after a criminal investigation revealed the student had posted threatening messages to a social media account."

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6. Ground beef recall: Product sold at Walmart, Kroger recalled over E. coli concern

(Courtesy: USDA)

Thousands of pounds of raw ground beef products have been recalled across the country due to E. coli contamination concerns.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service said the more than 28,000 lbs. of ground beef products affected were shipped to various states, including Arizona. and the products include WinCo, Walmart, Kroger and Albertson brands.

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7. Betty White suffered a stroke six days before she died

Betty White (Credit: Humane Society of the United States)

(Courtesy: Humane Society of the United States)

The immediate cause of TV legend Betty White's death was revealed on Jan. 10.

The beloved TV legend's "immediate cause" of death is listed as a "cerebrovascular accident," which is the medical term for a stroke, per her death certificate which was obtained by TMZ. According to the certificate, White suffered the stroke six days before her death.

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8. Supreme Court blocks COVID-19 vaccine mandate for US businesses

The Supreme Court of the United States in Washington, D.C. (U.S. Army National Guard photo by 2nd Lt. Ashley Goodwin)

(U.S. Army National Guard photo by 2nd Lt. Ashley Goodwin)

On Jan. 13, the U.S. Supreme Court stopped a major push by the Biden administration to boost the nation's COVID-19 vaccination rate: a requirement that employees at large businesses get a vaccine or test regularly and wear a mask on the job.

The court's conservative majority concluded the administration overstepped its authority by seeking to impose the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's vaccine-or-test rule on U.S. businesses with at least 100 employees.

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9. Security camera captures teen mom throwing newborn baby in dumpster in New Mexico

(Courtesy: Joe Imbriale/Rig Outfitters)

Surveillance video taken outside a New Mexico store shows the moments a teen mom tossed her unwanted newborn baby into a dumpster – and the rescuers who pulled him to safety five hours later.

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10. Bob Saget: 911 call, new details revealed in actor's death in Orlando

Bob Saget, during an interview on FOX 10 AZAM in 2016 (From Archive)

(From Archive)

Authorities in Florida's Orange County released the 911 call made after actor Bob Saget was found unresponsive in an Orlando hotel room on Jan. 9.

Saget, 65, was found in his bed in his room. He was later declared dead.

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