Valley bike company helps victims of theft get back on the road

A group of Arizona State University students are trying to turn their love of cycling into a booming business.

Now they're giving back to the ASU community, offering help to students and cyclists whose bikes have been stolen.

"We love making beautiful and custom bikes," said Medhi Farsi.

Farsi founded State Bicycle Company in Tempe, along with his brother and a high school buddy. The three went to ASU together and share a passion for cycling.

"I was lucky enough to go see several final stages of the Tour de France when Lance Armstrong was out there winning," said Farsi.

The company made giving back an important part of their business. They host an annual ride from Phoenix to Tucson, and weekly community rides in downtown Phoenix and in Tempe.

"All cyclists are welcome, we just ask you have lights and a helmet," he said.

They've also launched a special program for victims of bike theft, a big problem for ASU students.

"If your bike is stolen we're going to give you a $100 credit off the purchase of a new bicycle," said Farsi.

He says the most important thing you can do to prevent becoming a victim is to lock up your bike properly.

"The best type of lock to purchase is probably going to be a U-Lock," he said.

He also suggests you lock it through both the frame and the wheel and make sure you know your bike's serial number.

"Turn that bike over, and underneath that bottom bracket there is going to be a serial number," said Farsi.

Experts also suggest bike owners register your bike # with police, so if your bike is stolen and recovered the police can track you down.

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