Valley doctor touts benefits of cryotherapy

From professional athletes to weekend warriors, physical activity can take a toll on the body, and a local doctor is explaining how 'chilling out' for just a few minutes can help you recover faster.

"We have multiple treatments: beginning, all the way to advanced," said Dr. Keith Chambers.

The Chambers Clinic in Tempe offers full body cryotherapy.

"Cryo is a process in which you get into a chamber or some process that lowers the temperature outside the body significantly," said Dr. Chambers.

Dr. Chambers says the process takes only three minutes.

"Where it was prior, basically you turned on a knob and kind of guessed how cold it was going to get. You were exposed to gas. You were exposed to those vapors," said Dr. Chambers. "This is all electronically controlled, and you're not exposed to any vapor, and everything is timed."

Protection is worn on the ears, face, hands and feet, but the therapy treats the entire body. Dr. Chambers says cryotherapy works wonders for athletes who almost always suffer from inflammation.

"When you're an athlete and you're working out, you're actually producing a lot of inflammation on the body and oxidation, and you can see that when you draw blood labs on an athlete. You can see their oxidation is high," said Dr. Chambers. "The next day or next two days, when they go back out, they're more at a baseline, as opposed to stacking the inflammation and oxidation, which is going to end up with more injury."

Cryotherapy is used to treat non-athletes as well. Dr. Chambers says people with diabetes, hormone imbalances and injuries can also benefit. The cost is $50 per treatment. The business also offer discount packages.

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