Woman said she told police about unlicensed lip injection operation back in March

On Sunday, FOX 10 reported on the story of several Valley women who had to deal with severe infections after botched lip injections. Now, Maricopa Police officials say several more women have come forward and filed reports since the story aired.

Currently, officials with the Maricopa Police Department say only three police reports have been filed, but on Sunday, FOX 10's Jennifer Martinez interviewed three women and a few more who were too embarrassed to go on camera, so that number can go up.

On Monday, FOX 10 went back to the home where these illegal injections happened, and still, there's no word from the woman. There was no answer at the door where numerous girls say their lips were botched.

The woman, who police have not named due to no contact, allegedly injected several Valley women with an unknown substance. Alexandra Garaventa was one of those women. She spent a week in the hospital.

"She said that she used Probcel, which is a form of hyaluronic acid and it's illegal here," said Garaventa. "My friend works at a dermatology office, and my friend called a derm clinic in Mexico and they said it's not supposed to be put in our face at all, and we need to take it out of our lips."

The women say they rushed to the emergency room due to extensive swelling, cold sores and pus oozing out of their lips after the procedure on August 3.

When FOX 10 first reported on the incidents, the women told us that the woman who did the procedure was highly recommended, and only worked on Saturdays. Often times, she was booked solid. One of the women affected told FOX 10 she went to the woman countless times before, and what happened this time has never happened before.

The woman who did the procedure allegedly told the other woman she was certified to do the procedures. While there are only three reports filed, according to social media and messages FOX 10's Jennifer Martinez has received, that number is more than a dozen.

On Monday night, FOX 10 spoke with a woman who said she alerted authorities back in March about the woman who was injecting others with an unknown substance. There was a need to come forward, after her friend's lips turned completely pale.

"Very upsetting, because this could have prevented her from harming people," said the woman, who did not want to be identified. She said she warned police and the Department of Health Services about the home.

"I told him that I had a friend who went to the address and this is what happened, and being in the medical field, I am certain that she's not allowed to be starting IVs if shes a nursing student, which is illegal, and I'm sure she's not allowed to be injecting people with stuff that they don't even know, and she's practicing in your community, and I didn't get anything back."

The woman also reached out to the Arizona State Board of Nursing, after she saw the woman claiming to be a nursing student on her Facebook.

"They can pull a database, and she holds no license in the State of Arizona," said the woman.

The woman said this could have been prevented.

"I just feel like balls got dropped, and now, here we are," said the woman.

FOX 10 has reached out to the attorney representing the woman in question, and they have not responded to our e-mails or calls.