Midwife suspended after baby dies during delivery

A Gilbert-based midwife was suspended after the neonatal death of a baby during delivery. Findings show she has continued her practice for more than a year since the tragedy occurred. FOX 10's Justin Lum investigates.

Jessica Nicely l Moms on a Mission

Jessica Nicely has dedicated her life to saving people, especially women and children from abusive and violent situations. This "Mom on a Mission" is the founder of the Winged Hope Family Advocacy Foundation in Gilbert. FOX 10's Desiree Fluellen reports.

Chandler approves teen violence ordinances

The Chandler City Council voted unanimously to ban minors from possessing or buying brass knuckles, joining Gilbert, who passed a similar ordinance this week. The council also voted to ban "unruly gatherings" hosted by minors. The ordinance also holds parents responsible for such gatherings. Both measures take effect on June 24.