Petito case renews call to spotlight missing people of color

Many families and advocates for missing people of color are glad the attention paid to Gabby Petito's disappearance has helped unearth clues that likely led to the tragic discovery of her body and they mourn with her family. But some also question why the public spotlight so important to finding missing people has left other cases shrouded in uncertainty.

Bureau of Indian Education issues vaccine mandate

The mandate covers more than 2,800 faculty and staff at 53 schools and dormitories operated directly by the U.S. Bureau of Education in states including Arizona, New Mexico and the Dakotas.

Navajo Nation pleads feds for infrastructure funding

The Navajo Nation has a majority of its roads unpaved, causing impassable roads during monsoon season. Now, the federal government is looking at how it can help the tribal land through infrastructure funding.