Brides left in panic as Valley bridal shop closes its doors

It's enough to turn any bride into a bridezilla: a Valley bridal shop suddenly closed its doors, leaving a lot of brides in panic mode.

To make matters worse, some of the weddings are happening this weekend, and some brides don't have a dress to wear.

For Liz Taylor James, her wedding dress arrived Wednesday morning from Pearl Bridal in Phoenix, but in a rather unusual fashion.

"This is not how I envisioned myself getting my dress in, a Home Depot box, all wrinkled up," said James. "Here's the bustier, dirty."

The dress was due a week ago from Pearl Bridal in Phoenix. The dress cost over $1,000, plus James says she paid another $250 for alterations that were ultimately not done.

"I mean, the dress is the most important part," said James. "My fiancee said just fly down here. We'll get married in shorts."

The box came with a note from Pearl Bridal.

"I'm sorry to inform you Pearl Bridal is closing. We want to make sure you receive your gown," read James.

The dress of her dreams doesn't fit, and James was due to fly out for her destination wedding on Friday. She postponed her wedding.

"No bride should go through this," said James. "There are 12 brides now that I know of going through this. Some of these girls paid for their dresses a year ago. Some of these weddings are happening Saturday."

The brides are supporting each other on a Facebook page, and many in the wedding dress business community are doing what they can to help. James knows people will say just get over it and wear something else, but she said...

"Who doesn't want to feel like a princess on their wedding day? This is the one dress that actually brought a smile to my face," said James. "I mean the dress is the most important part. My fiancee said just fly down here. We'll get married in shorts."

According to a note on Pearl Bridal's website, the owner explains that complications following childbirth led to problems with the store. After a struggle, the store closed its doors Monday. FOX 10 tried to reacher the owner at her home, but could not locate her.

Victims of Pearl Bridal Phoenix