Fuel to Fit in Tempe works to make meal prep easy for the entire family

Heading back to school means school supplies, homework, tests and of course, school lunches.

A Tempe-based meal prep company that focuses on healthy food choices is helping parents out with food for children.

If you're looking for back-to-school breakfast, lunch, dinner, even snacks, Franchesca Gonzales, owner of Fuel to Fit, has you covered.

"We used to do just adult meal prep but most of our customers have families and they were ordering for their kids, so we really try to listen to the feedback of our customers and one of the things was they needed some solutions for their kids," she explained.

She's making tasty meals that are packed with nutritious, healthy ingredients for kids of all ages.

"It started out kind of with college students because that's like sending them out for the first time by themselves. They don't necessarily know how to cook and then we decided we might as well put in the whole family," Gonzales said.

"We also have boxes that way you can keep your kids and your entire family fueled for the entire week," she added.

Gonzales says the system is simple. Select a meal plan, choose delivery days, and fuel your kids to have a successful week.

Cost is based on what you order and there is a delivery fee, but you can also pick up your meals from the business.

More information can be found here https://fueltofit.com/

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