'It was almost like a bomb went off': Monsoon causes tree to fall on a Mesa home

Monday's monsoon brought dust storms, lightning, high winds and ultimately, damage to homes and businesses.

In Mesa near Broadway Road and Stapley Drive, a family made it out of their home safely after what sounded like "a bomb went off" when a tree fell on their home.

"It was almost like a bomb went off because it was so loud. It was right over the apartments," said neighbor Patricia Watts.

She lives across the street from the home and said she was afraid to go outside because, "It was so bad and so scary, I have never seen lighting like that before."

The wind ripped a tree out of the ground, roots and rubble visible, and it collapsed on top of the home, large branches covering the entire roof. The tree even partially landed on the neighbor's RV.

"It was a tree, but it died. I have been so worried about this," Watts said.

The impacted family said they are trying to figure out the best way to remove the tree from the top of their home.

Aug. 17's monsoon sparked brush fires, sustained winds close to 60 mph and even damaged a COVID-19 testing center.