Mesa family calls for change after boy with autism did not make it home as scheduled by school bus

A Mesa second-grade student with autism didn't make it home from school on-time on Feb. 3, and his family did not know where he was.

To make matters worse, this is the second time the family has had issues with their son riding the bus.

The boy, identified as Ezekial by family members, is seven years old. Now, the family is calling on the school district for some change.

Family was on edge

"You just get scared, and then when they kept telling me I couldn't find him, I didn't know what to do," said Fabian Teran.

Ezekial, Teran says, did not come home on his scheduled bus. When he called officials with Falcon Hill elementary school, he says he was told that the driver did not have Ezekiel, even though the teacher said he put him on that bus.

"They pretty much lost him," said Teran. "They didn't know where he was

Ezekial, Teran says, eventually make it home.

"He came home on a different bus with other kids, and we don't know where he was at, his whereabouts, or anything," said Teran.

Due to Ezekial's autism, his family says when he finally got home, he couldn't tell them exactly what had happened

Family says this is not the first time a bus mishap happened

The incident, for Teran. brought back memories from two years ago when Ezekiel, then five, was dropped off at the wrong stop. At the time, Ezekial was a student at Brinton Elementary School.

"Dropped off pretty much next to a strip club, and some lady found him and called the cops," said Teran. "He was missing, that time, for an hour and a half."

Teran says something has to change.

"He's autistic, so I would think that they would have an aide or something on that level," said Teran.

School district officials respond

In a statement, officials with Mesa Public Schools explained what happened.

"After an initial miscommunication with the driver, the district was able to confirm that the student boarded the correct bus at school under adult supervision, and that the route was running late. The student arrived home safe 30 minutes after their scheduled drop-off time."

Teran said he never got that explanation from the school. School district officials say they will review these circumstances, and take any appropriate actions.

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