Mormon missionaries called home early from trips during coronavirus spread

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recalled a number of missionaries around the world to come home because of the COVID-19 crisis.

About 30 or so returned to Arizona just this week before they were finished, but with an understanding that it’s about safety.

“Last Tuesday I got a text message telling us to pack all our bags and meet up with other missionaries to go home," said Cade Askey of Chandler.

He was in the Philippines just last week on his mission trip. The island he was on didn't have a coronavirus outbreak at the time, but other parts of the country did.

He says the call to come home was difficult at first. “We had some difficulties getting a boat to go to the main island airport. Those difficulties lasted about 5 to 6 days, we were stuck on the island just waiting for more information on the boat rides,” Askey said.

Regulations had been put in place while he was there as coronavirus cases continued to rise throughout the world.

“We had rules that were given to us. We couldn’t shake hands, hug people, and we had to respect the social distancing,” he said.

While the trip had to be cut short, Askey’s family is relieved he’s home.

His mom, Lisa Askey, said, “[I was] a little disappointed to hear they were coming home because we’ve been planning it for so long, but I’m grateful he’s home grateful that he’s safe.”

Her son isn't giving up though.

“I’d love to go back for a visit and visit people I’ve met and to do some more fun activities," he said.

He's now in a mandatory 14 day quarantine but he says he feels fine with no symptoms.

The family is now waiting on his brother to get home from his mission trip in Brazil.

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