Officials advise Arizonans to stay indoors amid extreme heat forecast for the weekend

Officials with the National Weather Service have issued an Excessive Heat Warning for the Valley from July 10 to July 13.

According to the warning, dangerously hot conditions can be expected for portions of South Central Arizona, with afternoon temperatures between 109°F to 118°F possible.

Phoenix Fire officials asking people to stay indoors

The Excessive Heat Warning isn't something to take lightly, but Arizonans may be anxious to get outside after being indoors most of the week.

In anticipation of the weekend heat, officials with Phoenix Fire are telling people to just relax, stay indoors, and hydrate, especially since crews have been busy in June.

"Our biggest thing is stay inside," said Phoenix Fire Department spokesperson Cpt. Todd Keller.

Cpt. Keller says heat exhaustion can quickly turn into heatstroke if one is not careful.

"You're starting to have those muscle cramps, and you get to that heatstroke and could lose consciousness," said Cpt. Keller.

It's a dangerous situation for hikers. Cpt. Keller says rescue teams have been out at least daily over a four-week period to help hikers off mountains.

Fire officials say those who do plan to enjoy the outdoors should do it during the coolest parts of the day.

GovernorDducey has ordered the closing of water parks and tubing during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Cpt. Keller says he understands Arizonans want to get outside.

"Being inside a house, you kinda get a little anxious or stir crazy and you kinda wanna get out, but this weekend, this time of the month, this is not the time to do that," said Cpt. Keller.

Those who want to go hiking are advised to wear light-colored clothing, a hat, sunscreen, and bring a partner. People should also keep their pets at home once the temperature is over 100°F.

Firefighters are preparing for excessive heat

Firefighters are also taking the heat seriously. They will be hydrating, ready to be dispatched in the heat.

"This is what we train for," said Cpt. Keller. "We've all lived in Arizona long enough that we know that every summer, it's coming around. It's gonna be a hot one."

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