Sky Harbor sees more than a hundred American Airlines flight cancellations in a day

More than a hundred American Airlines flights were canceled Sunday in Phoenix, leaving travelers lined up at the ticket counter, in hopes of getting those flights rescheduled.

As of Sunday night, there wasn't a clear answer as to why the airline is canceling flights, however, in the past couple of months we've seen cancellations across many major airlines with COVID-19 staffing issues and weather.

In addition to the cancellations, dozens of other flights were delayed in Phoenix.

Edita Rush was about to head to Oregon when she learned her flight was canceled.

"I got a notification at 12 a.m. saying there were no other available flights, and they said they were looking at getting me on another flight, but I haven't heard anything. I really need to get back home," she said. She was in Phoenix for a basketball tournament.

Now, having to reschedule her flight, she says not knowing if it will even happen Sunday has presented a lot of challenges.

"Especially when you're a wheelchair user 'cause you have rides waiting for you, and also I work. I have to get back to work. It's a huge inconvenience," Rush said.

Jeff Bernard is also trying to get to work in San Antonio.

"I run a whole sales team and everyone is waiting for me to get there. So, I was gonna grab a car to drive 13 hours to San Antonio. Fortunately, my boss was able to figure it out, so we're now going on Southwest," he said.

Bernard says in recent months, he's been running into flight cancellations and delays left and right. "I don't think that this year I've had a single time that my flights weren't interrupted, and I fly a lot," he added.

At this point, these stranded travelers are just hoping for the best

FOX 10 reached out to American Airlines for a comment, and it has not gotten back to us.

For a list of canceled or delayed flights out of Sky Harbor, click here

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