Classic car found days after it was stolen in the Biltmore area; theft caught on surveillance camera

With the Barrett-Jackson car auction coming up, classic cars might be on a lot of people's minds, but a Phoenix man's antique vehicle got a little too much attention recently, with someone boosting a Phoenix man's classic Camaro, and the incident was all caught on camera.

The car stolen was a red 1968 Chevrolet Camaro. It's a classic car can turn heads, and it was stolen from the owner’s apartment garage, near 3rd Street and Roosevelt in Phoenix.

The owner provided us with video and photos of the person they believe stole the car. The owner did not want to be identified, because they did not want it to happen to them again.

In the pictures and video, a big yellow backpack can be seen being hauled around. As it turns out, a man with a big yellow backpack had just talked to Oli Kalolo's construction crew near the apartment, right before the theft was reported.

"He said was looking for a job, and then I told him to go back to the shop. Gave him the shop address, told him to apply," said Kalolo. "He said it’s close to a jail -- I don’t think there’s a jail nearby --and he said he just got out of jail."

After being gone for six days, the car was spotted in a parking garage near the Biltmore area, with multiple citations on it. Now, the car is in the shop, getting any potential damage assessed.

Sgt. Vincent Cole from the Phoenix Police Department says if anyone finds themselves in a similar situation, they should know the important info about their vehicle.

"In case it does get stolen, you can report that to the police immediately, and we can get that information out as fast as possible," said Sgt. Cole.

The vehicle's owner said it looks like someone jammed something in the ignition to get the classic car to start, which is a little easier to do on older vehicles. The person believed to have stolen the car wasn't with the vehicle when it was found.

Anyone with information on the case should call Phoenix Police.

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