Coyotes merch selling fast amid relocation rumors

Tomorrow could be the last game the Arizona Coyotes play in Arizona amid rumors that the team is moving to Salt Lake City. Right now, Yotes merchandise is in high demand. FOX 10's Danielle Miller reports.

Program aims to bridge gap between work, housing

There is a new initiative that aims to bridge the gap between employment and housing. The program will allow people to focus on their employment, in order to create lasting success. FOX 10’s Danielle Miller reports.

Apparent drunk driving crash kills 1 in Phoenix

A person is dead after a crash possibly caused by a drunk driver. It happened Sunday morning, shutting down I-10 near 75th Avenue. Two men went to the hospital, and Arizona DPS says one of them died. It's unclear what led up to the crash.

Debris fire breaks out near downtown Phoenix

A debris fire broke out near downtown Phoenix around 19th Avenue and Fillmore Street around 2 p.m. "This incident was originally dispatched as a 1st alarm due to the size of the adjacent structure, however firefighters were able to extinguish the fire-preventing it from spreading in the building," Phoenix Fire said.

Searching for evidence of voter fraud | Newsmaker

Nearly 3 in 10 Americans and two-thirds of Republicans believe the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump. John Hook talks to author Ken Block, who not only searched for fraud, he was hired by the Trump campaign to find it. Block is the author of Disproven: My Unbiased Search for Voter Fraud for the Trump Campaign, the Data that Shows Why He Lost, and How We Can Improve Our Elections.