Chandler synchronized skating team donates toys, blankets to Hopi Tribe

Synchronized skating is picking up speed in Arizona, with one team getting ready for a big competition - a first for our state.

However, in the midst of running drills, the Ice Dennettes paused practice over the holidays so someone else could be a big winner.

The Ice Dennettes are a synchronized skating organization that practices in Ice Den Chandler and have five different teams, all with varying levels of skill. More than 60 figure skaters are part of the teams.

KK and Katie are part of Team Infinity, which is preparing for a major competition in Michigan - the first time a team from Arizona is participating.

"We're bringing three teams which is like 40-something skaters, so It's going to be really exciting," said, Jaime Kalnicky, the director of synchronized skating at the Ice Den. "We're going all the way to Kalamazoo, Michigan. It's going to be cold and challenging, and we're ready for it."

Giving back

Kalnicky had the idea to hold a toy drive for members of the Hopi Tribe.

"We collected about 13,000 pounds of toys," said one skater.

Camelback Moving Company donated their moving trucks and time to help. The toys, clothes and blankets the community gave were loaded, and the driver made the four-hour trek to the reservation. 

While they're back on the ice perfecting their routines, the skaters know that what happens outside the rink is what matters most.

"We just need to be better, kinder, nicer people, and we need to pay it forward," said Kalnicky. "Do more good things so more good things happen to more people."

More Community Cares

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