Glendale police arrest alleged dognappers, rescue 2 dogs

Glendale police have arrested two alleged dognappers in connection to the theft of a husky puppy, and investigators say it may not be the only victim.

Taylor Sines, 27, and Logan Niemann, 26, are accused of robbery and animal mistreatment.

Police say the pair contacted the breeder on May 11 to set up a sale near 63rd Avenue and Butler Drive, but during their meeting, Sines reportedly pushed the breeder and grabbed the puppy.

The 27-year-old then took off in a truck driven by Niemann, police said.

Police tracked down the animal at the couple's home and found a second dog in the bathroom. The home was in a condition that was "determined to be inhumane and uninhabitable for an animal," authorities said.

The puppies have since been cleaned up and are in good physical health.

The second dog is believed to also be stolen. Anyone who recently had their dog taken and can provide a proof of ownership can contact Glendale PD at 623-930-3000.

Where the alleged crime occurred: