No driver needed: Waymo rolls out fully autonomous vehicles in Chandler, Tempe, Mesa areas

You can now be a passenger in a fully autonomous Waymo car, right here in the Valley.

Odds are you've probably seen these vans if you frequent the Chandler, Tempe or Mesa areas -- but you probably saw someone sitting in the front seat. 

Now Waymo is fully driver-less. No one is inside, but you and your fellow passengers.

The company went fully autonomous in the new year after working on their product for the last 11 years.

"Safety is our number one goal. We are building the world's most experienced driver. We have driven over 20 million rides on the road, and in simulation, we have driven 20 billion miles," said Ryan Powell, Director of User Experience Research and Design.

All you have to do is call it on the app, like an Uber or Lyft, but Waymo says they're different than those ride-sharing companies because they provide privacy.

"Now during the pandemic, they appreciate having that space to themselves and feel it is a safer way to travel," said Powell.

Waymo is also providing a cabin air flush in between each ride for safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. For some who still may be worried about being a passenger in a fully autonomous car, Waymo says they have done the work to ensure safety.

If you want to take a ride and see for yourself, all you have to do is download the Waymo app and call a car at

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