Peoria charter school changes the way they do distance learning

The school year has begun in Arizona, but it's been different at Candeo Charter Schools in Peoria.

"Anytime you're out of school, you're isolated from peers, and so we know one of the things you have to be careful of is watching that social, emotional wellness of students," said Koren Lane of Candeo Schools.

The charter school came up with an idea: distance learning with a twist.

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"They get the kids together in a group in a home," Lane explained. "Typically they rotate homes, but they set up individual work stations for the kids, typically in one large room."

School officials say the program is a success so far.

"We trained for two weeks, we put together a very thorough distanced learning plan, we looked at everything -- from how do we get a classical philosophy and classical curriculum that is typically brick and mortar -- to something that is an online forum," Lane said.

"It is exciting to see how schools and families have re-imagined the traditional school day in light of the COVID-19 situation and there's some energy and excitement, as odd as it sounds from that," said Becky Palisuri of Candeo Schools.

Another example of schools getting creative in the way they teach.

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