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2020 Election: How to watch ballot counting livestreams in Arizona, track county results

Maricopa County's Early Ballot Processing View A

As the votes continue to be counted in Arizona for the 2020 Presidential Election, you can view the process as it happens live.

According to Arizona law, "For any statewide, county or legislative election, the county recorder or officer in charge of elections shall provide for a live video recording of the custody of all ballots while the ballots are present in a tabulation room in the counting center.  

The live video recording shall include date and time indicators and shall be linked to the secretary of state's website. The secretary of state shall post links to the video coverage for viewing by the public."

Click on the links below to county election results websites and view live video feeds of their ongoing vote counts.

Apache County:


Cochise County:


Coconino County:


Gila County:


Graham County:


Greenlee County:


La Paz County:


Maricopa County:


Mohave County:


Navajo County:


Pima County:


Pinal County:


Santa Cruz County:


Yavapai County:


Yuma County:


2020 United States Presidential Election Results:

Scroll through for President; U.S. Senate; U.S. House; Maricopa County; Propositions; Corporation Commissioner; Arizona House and Senate; Phoenix and Scottsdale.