Residents at Glendale apartment complex without AC

Glendale Manor residents have experienced no cool air in the scorching Arizona heat due to not having proper air conditioning at Glendale Manor Apartments.

"I'm up on the third floor and I'm right by the sun so it's just ridiculous," said resident Amanda Conduff.

In 2019, the City of Glendale demanded Glendale Manor Apartments improve living conditions for residents.

Sue Breding with the city of Glendale said in a statement that the city has received complaints from the residents living in the apartment complex.

The statement reads, "The City has received complaints from residents regarding malfunctioning air conditioning units at Glendale Manor. Our code enforcement staff made inspections on the property today and served notice to Glendale Manor asking them to make the necessary repairs."

"They said they turned the water and also they turned on the AC right when you guys came I just went inside my house grabbed a couple of things like my daughter and it is still hot in there I don't believe it's fixed right now they're just trying to fix it to cover up the evidence right now," said resident Diamond Heard.

According to the management of Glendale Manor Apartments, they have fixed the problem of the AC.


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