APS rate hike request leaves some worried

Some APS customers are making their voices heard, as the utility company's request to increase rates comes before the Arizona Corporation Commission. FOX 10's Brian Webb reports.

AZ Senate race: Gallego leads in hypothetical poll

Democratic Congressman Ruben Gallego leads in a hypothetical three-way race for Independent Kyrsten Sinema's Senate seat, who has still not said if she will run for re-election. According to a new poll, Gallego leads with 36%, compared to 30% for Republican Kari Lake, and 21% for Sinema. Thirteen percent remain undecided. In a matchup of just Gallego and Lake, Gallego's lead jumps to 46%, with 39% for Lake. Fifteen percent are undecided. The poll was conducted by Emerson College Polling and The Hill. The same poll shows Arizona leaning toward Donald Trump in a one-on-one matchup with President Joe Biden.

Magic mushroom bill advances at AZ capitol

A unique bill at the Arizona State Capitol has crossed its first hurdle. A Senate committee unanimously passed a bill that would medically legalize psilocybin, which is the active ingredient found in magic mushrooms. It could potentially be used to help treat PTSD and forms of depression and anxiety. FOX 10's Syleste Rodriguez spoke with a licensed doctor who is licensed by the federal government to grow magic mushrooms.

Educators demand lawmakers to renew Prop 123

Arizona educators and school staff are calling on lawmakers to pass a bi-partisan compromise to raise their pay. The Arizona Education Association was joined by school teachers and staff on Monday to express support for renewing Prop 123, which passed in 2015, but is set to expire next year. Prop 123 allows money from the state trust permanent fund to be distributed to public schools. Educators are asking lawmakers to renew the measure and to include raises for all staff members, from teachers to bus drivers.

AZ State Rep. touts new immigration bill

If the State Legislature approves HCR2060, it would have to be submitted to voters for approval. The proposal would require some independent contractors to use a background check system called E-Verify. The system is used to check if prospective employees are legally present and eligible for work. FOX 10's Lauren Clark reports.

Breaking down Arizona's Prop 123

There are two different plans being discussed. One from the governor and one from the legislature. And the woman ultimately in charge of our Arizona savings account is sounding the alarm on both.

Arizona bill would fine drivers for going too slow

A bill to crack down on Arizona drivers traveling too slow in the fast lane has advanced at the state capitol. Lawmakers passed the measure in a Senate committee last week. If approved, drivers caught going below the normal speed of traffic in the fast lane without passing other cars or changing lanes would face a fine of up to $250.

Bring back sex ed? Scottsdale considers option

Sexual education courses are not required in Arizona public schools, but the Scottsdale Unified School District is looking to bring the optional class back to the classroom, and a newly-formed committee met to discuss the issue on Feb. 14. FOX 10's Kenzie Beach reports.