'You will never be forgotten': Fellow officers, friends remember fallen Chandler officer in memorial service

On May 8, the Chandler community said goodbye to officer Christopher Farrar in a memorial service open to the public.

Draped in a flag, with sounds of bagpipes bouncing off the walls of Compass Christian Church, the memorial began.

"Chris, like many of these men and women here today in uniform, was willing to do a job knowing very well the inordinate amount of challenges and risks associated with being a police officer in this country today," said Sean Duggan, chief of the Chandler Police Department.

Officer Farrar was killed, according to police, by a man driving a stolen vehicle during a pursuit crossing several jurisdictions.

Saturday morning was a chance for all to say goodbye inside Compass Christian Church to an officer littered in superlatives.

Chief Duggan said service defined him.

"That was his fuel," Duggan said. "That was what drove him to be the person the police officer that we knew. In fact, I don’t think he could have imagined doing anything else. You see, Chris had a passion for service."

Outside, line after line of officers, deputies and troopers stood attentive, saluting.

Across the street, people with no connection to the man stood to say goodbye.

A helicopter flyover took place in honor of Farrar, and everyone stood stoic as "Taps" rang out from the trumpet. 

Susan Simmons had worked with the father of three on Under the Shield, an organization that helps officers deal with the stress of the job.

"I thank him - for not just making me his dearest friend, but also making me apart of his family, and I thank his family for welcoming me and making me feel as if I am a member of the family," Simmons said.

Before he was driven away in a casket, surrounded by red and blue lights, there was a haunting final call for all to hear.

"Chris, I love you, my friend," Simmons said. "And we will continue to honor you at Under the Shield every day - you will never be forgotten 'till I see you again."

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Hundreds of people in the Chandler community showed their support for the family of Officer Christopher Farrar, who was killed in the line of duty.

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