Arizona's McSally releases drug pricing legislation

Arizona Republican Sen. Martha McSally has introduced long-promised legislation aimed at reducing drug prices, particularly for seniors on Medicare, as she ramps up a tough election campaign in which health care is likely to figure prominently.

Newsmaker Saturday: Jaime Molera; Brian Foster

Part 1: John Hook talks to political consultant Jaime Molera about the Trump campaign, Democratic debates, the Invest in Education Act and the upcoming 2020 election. Part 2: Kari Lakes talks to attorney Brian Foster about the Jodi Arias murder case where the prosecutor, Juan Martinez, was recently put on administrative leave at the Maricopa Co. Attorney's Office.

Newsmaker Saturday: Daniel McCarthy, Carlos Garcia

Part 1: Daniel McCarthy talks about his run against incumbent Senator Martha McSally in the 2020 election and the impeachment vote. Part 2: Carlos Garcia, President of the Arizona Correctional Peace Officers Association, talks about the problems at Arizona State Prison Complex – Lewis in Buckeye.

Newsmaker Saturday: Mark Kelly

FOX 10's John Hook talks to U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kelly about the recent killing of ISIS leader Al Baghdadi; his campaign against incumbent Sen. Martha McSally; military service, NASA and the upcoming 2020 election.