Fountain Hills mark Thanksgiving with parade

Thursday was a beautiful day for a parade in Fountain Hills. In fact, the parade there is the oldest parade of its kind west of the Mississippi. FOX 10 Drone Pilots Broan Kae and Joe Tillman have a look at the festivities.

Taking a look at Fountain Hill's Thanksgiving parade

Thanksgiving is a time for celebrations with family, and one event in Fountain Hills not only draws the attention of locals, but others from across Arizona. FOX 10 Drone Pilots Brian Kae and Joe Tillman have more on the town's annual Thanksgiving parade.

Arizonans react to the rare blue supermoon

Did you look up at the sky Wednesday night? The moon was in rare form. It’s called the blue supermoon and it won’t come around again for another 14 years. FOX 10's Stephanie Bennett joins us with the details.

Phoenix area Elks Lodge marks Flag Day

June 14 is Flag Day, which commemorates the day the Continental Congress approved the design of the American flag in 1777. While Flag Day was made an official day by President Harry Truman in 1949, the Elks Lodge has had a tradition of observing Flag Day that dates back to 1908, and that tradition is still alive at the group's Fountain Hills location.

Fountain Hills mulls ban of TikTok from town-owned devices

In the month since President Joe Biden signed a law that bans the use of any app by TikTok's China-based parent company on federal devices, a growing number of communities are following suit, including the town of Fountain Hills. FOX 10's Lauren Clark reports.

'Girl Gang Garage,' an all-female mechanic group, powering up for auto-show in Fountain Hills

The 'Girl Gang Garage' is getting ready for a big auto show in Fountain Hills next month called the Concours in the Hills. The all-female mechanic shop has restored some classic cars that will be on display. The group's mission is to empower women in the automotive and skilled trade industries. Visit and for more.