Mug Shot Gallery - March 2021

Information was supplied by law enforcement and describes recent arrests and charges. All defendants are presumed innocent.

Pano Michael DuPree

South Carolina man, Pano Michael DuPree, was punched and given a black eye after a female witness allegedly saw him strangling his girlfriend at a bowling alley and intervened. Read more. 

Salina Avila

DPS officials said 18-year-old Salina Avila of Phoenix has been booked into jail on suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault on an officer, theft and possession of a dangerous drug. Read more.


A family says their 8-year-old dog helped fight off a knife-wielding intruder inside their home. Police said the suspect was 53-year-old Thong Pham. Read more.

Aliex Santiesteban, 43, is accused of abducting, sexually assaulting and shooting a 12-year-old boy who had snuck out of his home to walk to a friend's house in South Florida. Read more.

Anne Catherine Akers (Montgomery County Police)

Authorities say they've charged 28-year-old Anne Catherine Akers with the attempted murder of her 3-year-old daughter. Read more.

Laurren Courtney, 22, is charged in the death of a young boy after home security video caught her abusing him, police said. Read more.

Austin Blake Stewart, 24, was arrested after police say he pulled down his mask inside an Oregon grocery store to kiss a baby girl he didn’t know while her mother was looking away. Read more.

Edith Riddle, 34, was wearing a boxing glove as she attacked a student on a middle school campus, police said. Read more.

Kevin Caballero

Kevin Caballero, 30, is accused of attacking a 71-year-old woman at Kiwanis Park in Tempe. Police say the attempted sexual assault was thwarted by two good Samaritans, including a New England Patriots football player. Read more.

Kenyada Bass, 21, was arrested in connection to the fatal shooting of another man in Mesa, police said. Read more. 

David Holmes

David Holmes is accused of setting his ex-girlfriend's parents' mobile home on fire in Mobile, Arizona before stabbing both victims. Read more.

Jaret Wright, 20, of Barberton, Ohio, is pictured in a booking photo dated March 13, 2021. (Photo: Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office)

Authorities say Jaret Wright, 20, lived under a teenage girl’s bed in her Ohio home for three weeks and forced her to have sex with him. Read more.

Scott Cascio

Scott Cascio

A Maricopa mother and daughter are safe after police say Scott Cascio attempted to kidnap them at gunpoint. A good Samaritan stepped in to rescue the family. Read more.

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, has been identified as the suspect in the killing of 10 people at a Boulder, Colorado, supermarket. The victims include a police officer who responded to the scene. Read more.

Evoire Collier, 21, and Dorian Taylor, 24, are accused of drugging and raping a woman who was later found dead in a Miami Beach hotel room. Read more.

Harris Larry

Larry Harris, 66, of Willcox, was arrested after he allegedly held a caravan of National Guardsmen transporting COVID-19 vaccines at gunpoint. Read more.

Brevard County Sheriff's Office

Police in Florida said that while attempting to arrest 18-year-old Alyamia Burdick for possessing marijuana, a crowd gathered around them and kicked sand onto them. Read more.

Devon Alston

Devon Alston

Devon Alston, 20, is accused of killing a man in a drive-by shootingin Phoenix. Read more. 

Diane Smith

Diane Smith (MCSO)

Diane Smith, 52, is accused of shooting and killing her husband in north Phoenix. Read more.

Kevin Caballero

Kevin Caballero, 30, is accused of attacking a woman at Kiwanis Park. (Tempe Police)

Kevin Caballero, 30, is accused of attempting to sexually assault a 71-year-old woman at Kiwanis Park in Tempe. Read more.


Minor league baseball player, Jesus Camargo-Corrales, 25, of Tempe, Arizona, is facing drug charges after police in Colorado say they found 21 pounds of methamphetamine and 1.2 pounds of oxycodone pills in his Chicago Cubs duffel bag. Read more.

David Whitaker booking photo

David Whitaker (PCSO)

David Whitaker was arrested on sex-related charges and after spending more than three months hiding out in the Arizona desert. Read more.

Christopher Aleman

Christopher Aleman

Christopher Aleman, 25, is accused of shooting at a driver and passenger during a road rage incident in Mesa. Read more.

Rodney Wayne Cox Jr.

Rodney Wayne Cox Jr.

Rodney Wayne Cox Jr., 34, is accused of starting fires inside Walmart locations in Peoria and Glendale as a distraction so that he could shoplift.

Dominic Glass is accused of escape, disorderly conduct and resisting an officer without violence. Read more.

Kyle McKee

Kyle McKee is accused of abusing a 4-year-old autistic boy at a preschool he worked at, Mesa police say. Read more

Law enforcement agencies say Robert Aaron Long, 21, is responsible for the deaths of eight people at a massage parlor and two spas in metro Atlanta on Tuesday. He has been arrested, deputies confirmed. Read more.

Laura Rose Carroll, a 50-year-old assistant principal, is accused of hacking into students’ accounts to cast votes in order for her 17-year-old daughter to be crowned as homecoming queen. Read more.

disney spit arrest

Kelly Dewayne, 51, was arrested after spitting on a Walt Disney World security guard who asked him to put his mask on, the sheriff's office said. Read more.

Malik Halfacre (Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department)

Malik Halfacre, 25, is suspected of shooting and killing three adults and a child following a heated argument over dividing a stimulus check, family said. Read more.

Sterling Evans

Sterling Evans is accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend's brother during a fight near Rural and Southern roads. Read more.

Nikita Lindsey is behind bars after deputies said she went on a shoplifting spree, then sprayed store employees with a chemical while trying to get away. Read more.

Raffaela Marie Spone, 50, is accused of sending "deep fake" naked photos and videos of her teenage daughter's cheerleader rivals in an effort to get them kicked off the team or convince them to kill themselves. Read more.

A police officer in Nebraska is recovering after being shot in the face and head during a struggle with an alleged shoplifter at a mall. Police say the suspect is Kenya Jenkins Jr. Read more. 

Donavan Gies

Donavan Gies, 19, was arrested after allegedly pointing a gun at a car during a road rage incident in Tempe. Read more.

Rodrigo Garcia

Rodrigo Garcia, 24, is accused of stealing a car that was parked outside a Mesa business with a 2-year-old boy asleep in the backseat. Read more.

Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes, 31, is accused of shooting and killing a man in the parking lot of a Glendale liquor store. Read more. 

Sarharina Bernard, 39, is accused of robbing multiple Valley cellphone stores threatened to shoot store employees and attacked one victim while holding her against her will, police said. Read more.

Scottsdale Police say Christian Lee Stadler, 26, was arrested for reportedly stalking and groping several women as they go home to their apartments. Read more. 

Justin Dunkins

Tempe Police accuse Scottsdale man, Justin Dunkins, of stealing six to 20 catalytic converters a week. Read more.

Carlos Madrid

Police say 34-year-old Carlos Madrid, a wanted fugitive, was arrested following a shooting and standoff in Mesa. Read more. 

(From left to right) Terren Lallande, Thomas Lallande, and Tory Lallande

(From left to right) Terren Lallande, Thomas Lallande and Tory Lallande (Photo Courtesy: Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS))

Officials with the Arizona Department of Public Safety say three brothers were arrested and accused of drug-related offenses, after a search of a Phoenix home led to the seizure of various narcotics, including fentanyl. Their names are Terren Lallande, Thomas Lallande and Tory Lallande. Read more.

Patrick Dando, a 35-year-old man who was out on bail in two domestic violence cases, attacked the same victim for the third time, authorities say. Read more.

Lafayette Moore, 35, was arrested after asking police for directions while allegedly driving a car he’d stolen minutes earlier. Read more.

Police said 34-year-old Bruce Spring, a suspect in the stabbing death of a woman at a Tucson motel, was arrested in Globe. Read more. 

Joshua Kiper, a 38-year-old soccer coach at a Florida boarding school, was arrested for DUI, deputies said. Read more.

23-year-old Maureen Wahl

23-year-old Maureen Wahl is accused by police of shooting and killing her boyfriend in Phoenix. Read more.

Nolda Jean Pierre-Theolin, 26, is accused of entering a home and attempting to kidnap a child. Read more.

Kerri Lee

Kerri Lee, 47, is accused of trying to rob a Phoenix bank despite telling police it was meant to be a "joke". Read more.

Adam Dorfman

Adam Dorfman, 33, was arrested in connection to a road rage shooting in Scottsdale. This is the second time he has been accused of shooting at a driver. Read more.

Jared Atkins

Jared Atkins was sentenced to prison for stabbing a Phoenix gas station clerk, stealing radioactive material and setting a car on fire in one night. Read more. 

Ashley Ferguson, 33, and Matthew Ferguson, 34, are accused of manslaughter and child neglect after investigators said three children were found in deplorable conditions at the couple's home, and one of the children died in the home. Read more.

Sharon Carr was arrested in connection to an attempted burglary in Oklahoma, police said. Read more.


Phoenix police say 40-year-old Marcus Williams was arrested in connection to the beating death of 74-year-old Juanito Falcon. Read more. 

Jian Karlos Ortiz Mendez, the operator of a Florida kennel, was arrested for animal cruelty after investigators found 11 dead puppies on the property. Read more.

Mourissa McCarthy (Passaic County Prosecutor's Office)

Mourissa McCarthy, 18, is accused of sexually abusing a 6-year-old child in the presence of a five-year-old child. Authorities say the sex attack was captured on video. Read more.

The Phoenix Police Department says John Harbison called for help saying a burglar tried getting into his home, and the incident ended with him in handcuffs. While a burglar wasn't found, police say they found thousands of fentanyl pills, meth and drug-related items. Read more.

Brittany Gosney, 29, and James Hamilton,42, face charges in the death of Gosney's 6-year-old son, whose body was found in an Ohio river, police said. Read more.

Kelly Pichardo and Leeza Rodriguez

Kelly Pichardo (left) and Leeza Rodriguez were arrested for allegedly verbally and physically assaulting other passengers and crew members on an American Airlines flight. Read more. 

Yolanda Curtis-Deliz, 46, a certified nursing assistant, is accused of stealing nearly $1,000 from a COVID-19 patient's wallet at a Florida hospital. Read more.