Gun safe locks can fail, Toyota vehicles 'creep forward', and more | Latest consumer product recalls

Biometric locks on gun safes can fail, "posing a serious injury hazard and risk of death if the safe is used to store firearms"; Toyota vehicles can "creep forward" if they are left in neutral; IKEA USB chargers pose burn and electric shock hazards; handles on cooking camping pots can detach, posing burn and scalding hazards; and eye drops sold at Walmart and CVS have been recalled due to a lack of sterility.

Frigidaire refrigerators, Dole salads, Whole Foods frozen pizza | Latest consumer product recalls

Frigidaire is recalling nearly 400,000 refrigerators due to a choking and laceration hazard with ice buckets; premade salad kits under several brand names, including Dole, may be contaminated with listeria; a nationwide dairy recall linked to a deadly listeria outbreak has been expanded to include products sold at Costco and Walmart; over 62,000 cigarette lighters are missing a safety feature; and Whole Foods frozen vegan thin crust pizza has an undeclared milk allergen.

Honda vehicles, Bissell vacuums, dairy products, and more | Latest consumer product recalls

Honda is recalling more than three quarters of a million vehicles in the U.S. because a faulty sensor may cause the front passenger air bags to inflate when they're not supposed to; a certain Bissell vacuum has been recalled because the vacuum’s battery pack can overheat and smoke, posing a fire hazard; dairy products sold nationwide, including at Food City, may be contaminated with listeria; a line of over-the-counter products containing tianeptine has been recalled over life-threatening health risks; and a children’s toy has been recalled due to a potential choking hazard,

ADHD medication, Takata air bag inflators, and more | Latest consumer product recalls

ADHD medication is being recalled because bottles labeled for the medication may contain a different drug; Toyota and GM said Takata air bag inflators in certain vehicles are at risk of exploding and hurling shrapnel; outdoor ceiling fan blades may crack or break off the unit; children's tiaras sold on Amazon violate the federal lead content ban; and plastic chairs sold nationwide may break apart while in use.

Latest consumer product recalls: Cummins to repair 600k Ram trucks; Bell bicycle helmets; e-bikes, more

Engine maker Cummins will repair 600,000 Ram trucks to remedy environmental damage caused by illegal software; Bell Slope bicycle helmets recalled due to risk of head injury; Ubbcare mattresses could pose a suffocation risk; Ride Aventon E-bikes could accelerate unexpectedly, resulting in loss of control; Comp Toe Ropers boots by Boot Royalty aren't puncture resistant; and Homedics recalls massagers due to fire and burn hazards.

Latest consumer product recalls: Quaker Oats granola bars and cereals, Coca-Cola products, and more

Quaker Oats is recalling granola bars and cereals sold nationwide over a risk of salmonella; hundreds of thousands of air fryers have been recalled after three reportedly caused burn injuries; thousands of Coca-Cola products are being recalled due to the presence of potential foreign matter; nearly two million travel irons are being recalled due to burn, fire and shock risks; Traeger is recalling one of its propane flat top grill models due to and incorrectly labeled burner knob, which the company says can lead to a fire hazard.

Latest consumer product recalls: Tesla autopilot defect, deaths reported from toy magnetic balls, more

More than two million Teslas are being recalled to fix an autopilot software defect; toy magnetic balls can be swallowed, possibly leading to them becoming dislodged in the digestive system; Subaru issues recall for Crosstreks, Foresters, Legacys and Outbacks; million of bottles of stain remover recalled due to potential skin and eye irritation; mini string lights recalled due to burn and fire hazards.