Mug Shot Gallery - September 2021

Information was supplied by law enforcement and describes recent arrests and charges. All defendants are presumed innocent.

Simeon Busano


Simeon Busano, 24, was arrested in connection to the murder of a man who was found shot in a car in north Phoenix, police said. Read more.

Semice Bell


Semice Bell, 40, was arrested in connection to a deadly shooting in north Phoenix. Read more.

Jesus Everado Haros Rodriguez was arrested on suspicion of killing a 10-year-old girl in a car-to-car shooting that left her father and brother wounded in Southern California. Read more.


Erin Garcia is accused of dragging her 8-year-old daughter with her vehicle and assaulting a peace officer. Read more.

Jose Martinez


Jose Martinez, 30, was arrested in connection to the murder of a man in north Phoenix. Read more.

Sierra Johnson


Sierra Johnson, a 24-year-old certified nursing assistant, was arrested for alleged identity theft, fraud, and forgery. Read more.


Luis Delgadillo Garcia, 29, was arrested in connection to the murder of a tow truck driver in Phoenix, police said. Read more.

William Dixon


William Dixon, 29 was arrested in connection to a shooting at a Goodyear warehouse that left one man dead. Read more.

Stephane Pepin

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Investigators say Stephane Pepin installed a camera inside the bathroom of his Fountain Hills photography studio, and a number of people were recorded while they were changing clothes or using the bathroom. Read more.

Eduardo Bulerin

Eduardo Bulerin

Eduardo Bulerin was arrested for bank robbery after he reportedly demanded money from a teller so he could go to jail. Read more.

Charles Torbeck Jn Michely

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Charles Torbeck Jn Michely, 34, was arrested in connection to the sexual assault of a female jogger in north Phoenix. Read more.

Murdaugh shooting case


Curtis Smith, 61, allegedly conspired with a high-profile attorney, whose wife and son were murdered in a double shooting, to shoot and kill him in a plot to garner millions in life insurance payouts to his son. Read more.

Bryan Judy

Bryan Judy

Phoenix Police arrested 34-year-old Bryan Judy for allegedly firing at police officers on Sept. 14. Read more.

Retta Cruse


Retta Cruse, 35, is accused of killing her two young children inside a Phoenix apartment. Read more.

Brooke Santiago, 39, and Derrick Newman, 28.

Brooke Santiago, 39, and Derrick Newman, 28, were arrested in connection to sex trafficking, including trafficking a 13-year-old girl, according to authorities. Read more.

Christopher Alonzo

Investigators say Christopher Alonzo was driving on Saturday in Buckeye when his car went across the roadway and crashed. They say four children and a woman were thrown from the vehicle and an 11-year-old boy died as a result of the crash. Read more.


Kit Kull is accused of slamming a child to the ground at a playground after yelling that children in the area were making too much noise. Read more.

Fallon Harris, 37, was charged with murdering her own 12-year-old son. Prosecutors said she confronted her son about the location of an SD card she had removed from her car. Read more.

Antwon Wilford

Antwon Wilford was arrested after his girlfriend was shot in the head while her children were inside. Read more.


George Cardenas, a teacher who taught at Wilson College Prep and North High School in Phoenix, was arrested for having a sexual relationship with a high school student back in 2012, officials say. Read more.

lawrence weinhart

Lawrence Weinhart, 20, was arrested after the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office said he was caught on video throwing rocks at horses on a property near Phoenix. Read more.


Damon Burke, 48, is accused of attempting to kidnap his ex-girlfriend 20 years after they broke up. Read more.

A booking photo of a woman with dark hair and a police department logo


Andee Wright, 30, is accused of killing her baby shortly after he was born at home and then putting his body in the trash. Read more.


Authorities said Larry Rogers, Carl Taylor Jr., Caleb Strope, Jeffrey Rape, and Matthew Bolick were arrested as part of a sex crime sting operation in South Carolina targeting those who seek out children over the internet. Read more.

A handcuffed woman, Brenda Thomas, 51, was arrested with a gun at a highway gas station near Kingman after she reportedly managed to grab a revolver from a detective’s holster and shoot him in the hand before another officer tased her on Sept. 7. Read more.


Deputies say 30-year-old Christopher Moore was arrested after stealing a backpack from the victim of a fatal motorcycle crash in Florida. Read more.


Deputies say 28-year-old Jessica Smith was naked when she drove through the scene of a standoff on a golf cart in Florida. Read more.

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Gregory Carlson, 56, was arrested in Cochise County on two counts of suspicion of murder, authorities said. Read more.

Diego Varela (top) and Melissa Hidalgo (bottom)

Diego Varela (top) and Melissa Hidalgo (bottom)

Diego Varela allegedly tried to run down a Mesa Police officer resulting in an officer-involved shooting on Sept. 5. Melissa Hidalgo was arrested after being a passenger in the car, and allegedly having outstanding warrants. Read more.

Eddie Lauderdale, 35

Eddie Lauderdale, 35

Phoenix Police say Sheronda Dyer, 41, was found dead inside a home on Sept. 3 and days later, Eddie Lauderdale, 35, was named as the suspect in her death. Read more.

53-year old Erik Cohen

53-year old Erik Cohen

A Phoenix Police officer was hospitalized Friday night after alleged DUI driver, 53-year old Erik Cohen, ran a red light and crashed into a fully marked police cruiser, the department said. Read more.

Giovanni Olivieri

Giovanni Olivieri

21-year-old Giovanni Olivieri is accused by police of killing a 35-year-old man who intervened in a fight between him and his girlfriend in an Arizona hotel parking lot on Sept. 4. Read more.

Fernando De La Garza

Fernando De La Garza

Fernando De La Garza was arrested for manslaughter, endangerment and aggravated assault after he allegedly caused a crash that killed an 11-year-old girl. Read more.

Taha Hussain

Taha Hussain

Taha Hussain, 49, is accused of animal cruelty after Chandler police reportedly found three emaciated horses in need of medical attention at his home. Read more.

Andrew Jacob Sundberg


Andrew Jacob Sundberg, a 22-year-old Mohave County Sheriff's deputy, was arrested after being accused of sexual conduct with a minor. Read more.

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Authorities said 30-year-old Johnny Berto Pantoja Algarin used a fake name in order to hide child pornography from his wife. Read more.

Aiden Fucci

Aiden Fucci

Aiden Fucci, 14, is accused of killing 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey in Florida. Fucci is being tried as an adult.



Andrez Martina, 53, is accused of killing his 12-year-old grandson over money that was allegedly taken from his wallet. Read more.